• Ok, i wanted to update you on my findings. It may not even be hack, but rather a bug in a software slicer for my 3d printer.

    I have noticed that anytime i open ANY stl file with the associated software, the folders get created. Now, if i open ANY stl file with any other slicer, no folders…. I have uninstalled xyzprint, the bad stuff, and no…[Read more]

  • Ok, here is the issue. 2 weeks ago i set up an ssh server on port 8022. I created a test account with strong user name and pass. I tested conectivity all was good. I switched over to keys.

    Ok, now, i wanted to test something so i created a user account with weak password for testing. Well, me being excited that things worked out the way i…[Read more]

  • LT72884 replied to the topic Email testing in the forum Web Applications 7 years ago

    dang, thats what i was thinking. gmail and hotmail have gotten smarter… sigh**

    well, i guess ill find something else to do now. haha.

    thanks for the replies. gonna work on my wifes business card and stuff. haha

  • LT72884 replied to the topic laptop card died in the forum Wireless 7 years, 1 month ago

    AWESOME thanks. My old linksys wireless n adapter on my desktop is going out as well so it looks as if i will need to buy two of these bad boys. It is crazy, my phones, and wifes laptop connects to wifi just fine but my desktop connects, then disconnects and then reconnects for a while then goes out. the linksys on that is 6 years old and has been…[Read more]

  • hmm, ill have to double check if my internal can do packet injection. my old laptops internal can. haha i bought that thing back in 06. I will have to check up on these alfa cards you speak off. i like the idea of removable antennas. I build my own parabolic ones that i would love to hook up to my laptop. haha. or better yet, ill make the alfa…[Read more]

  • Awesome. Thats good to know. Keeps me from running head into keyboard anymore. Haha. Ok, know if i install bt5 to a usb and boot off of that, i should be able to use my laptops internal card for wifi and scanning. That is to say that it is capable of doing so but it should be since it is a dell xps. Thanls

  • I was thinking of a samba but then i realized she may need to use the machine as a desktop machine. She does not like to use her laptop all the time, and i can see that. it is fun to use the desktop every once in a while. haha

    i think i will go win xp and set up a user account.

    ok, so to make sure i do it right, i just create a new account on…[Read more]

  • so turue crypt is the way to go then?


  • I have done the course from hacking dojo back in the day when it was I have like version 1 of his classes. haha. He is now like on version 4.

    Tom contacted me and the way he put it was that the new version of his course is about 10 or so hours of video and TONS of hands on.

    I have read his book pro pen testing which is pretty…[Read more]

  • ran a wireshark scan from the BT5 disk which resides on the subnet against de-ice on the subnet that is on other side of firewall.

    i use a tcp filter so only tcp traffic is seen. so nmap sends the 3 tcp packets, but never gets any back what so ever.

    now, when i run the same syntax against the ubuntu machine, i get…[Read more]

  • all right, now its gettin strange. i tried hping2 and when i attacked the ubuntu machine, it shows the open ports, but when i attack de-ice with hping2, nothin, nothin at all. i think its just having a bad day is all. still trying to look at logs and see what is happening.

    i can access the de-ice webpage from the ubuntu which is in same subnet…[Read more]

  • @Jamie.R wrote:

    Thanks will find it useful need to have a  read of it

    no problem man, just trying to help out. haha. thanks for the info on vlans. I keep forgetting that there are OTHER companies besides cisco. haha.

  • o cool. yeah vlan is used in hp switches, juniper and basically any managed switch. haha. i did a little bit more digging and in the book, he just calls it vlan1 and vlan2 as the name of the network in VB because pfsense firewall apparently uses vlans as the way to seperate networks. sorta like how other firewalls had color coded names.…[Read more]

  • @Capotao wrote:

    What is great in this book are the  advanced techniques and the labs setups. It teachs you to build up labs with layers of firewalls and systems to make your…

    [Read more]

  • @Jamie.R wrote:

    I found knowing the basic does really help loads. You can also pratice more complex attack like vlan hoping with cdp so on…

    i think i have seen that once before in my ccnp class. Is that were you take advantage of the way the trunking protocol works and by using cdp, you can see info passing from each vlan?

    See my problem is i…[Read more]

  • @Jamie.R wrote:

    I would say get copy of CCNA material and go thought it as it will help you loads understand networks better.

    You can find material online but I recently went thought the CCNA material and it just help me understnad networking alot better how things likes firewall rules work, ACL , NAT this only help you when doing pen…

    [Read more]

  • @jamie. i would ue the template or engine for more than just pen testing by the way. As a mechanical engineer, i will be writing reports probably weekly if not daily.

    I think a reporting engine will be awesome for more than just pen test engineers

    as for calaborating, google docs is good at that. there is also a program like google docs but can…[Read more]

  • Jamie, how you gonna do the report engine?

    im interested in how that is going to work.

  • im hoping it will. haha. The rules you have to follow for adding acls to routers is tough but writing them is pretty cool. I remember during my CCNA, it took me 45 minutes for one of the sims because it was soooo wicked hard. advanced firewall config was the exercise. haha. got 100%on security though.

    I want to start a new thread for a new…[Read more]

  • that four letter word LAZY is the death of a lot of things in the business/work field. I am very guilty of this at times.  I struggle with not getting bord. I have to be active all the time. i can focus like mad but i get stuff done and if it bores me, then i dont want to do it. hhaha.

    awesome info above. thanks for htat

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