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There are numerous websites that can provide an elo boost for League of Legends. However it is crucial to select the correct service. Before you give your personal data to anyone and making sure the boost is delivered in the manner promised, there are several things to consider. These are the three most important points to be aware of. How skilled are the boosters Some companies are hiring low Diamond players, and believe that they’ll be competent to offer a quality service to anyone, which isn’t the case. Only players with at the minimum Diamond 1 or higher will be able to guarantee a high win rate on every boosts without any issues. That’s why we require a number of conditions before a player is able to join our service, however he is also getting paid more for each order he makes. The player should not just be a Master Tier player but also possess a professional attitude like any other employee. For example, respecting each customer request or making them aware of how their order is progressing is a basic aspect that must be met. They should be able increase orders below Diamond by one division every day. Whether you prefer a full report about League Of Legends boosting, look at here. Are you sure that your account is secure? Making sure your account is safe during the elo boost is crucial. The boosters rarely use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) that has proven extremely effective since the beginning of elevating elo. This makes the boost more secretive for the game (you may also appear to be offline) as it’s difficult to determine who is making use of the account. This technique is not used for boosting, and you won’t find any person who has knowledge of it. The price is of an elo boost not always a reliable indicator Don’t rely too much on the cost of LOL elo boost to determine if the service will be good or not. For every boost, the total cost is divided between the booster and the company and the company, however the amount earned by the booster is different based on the service. With our service, boosters receive more earnings compared to other sites, even though the price per client is still very minimal. The company is receiving less.

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