• USB is probably the easiest way it could’ve been done.  Drop a USB in a parking lot, or near an employee area.  What would you do if you found a USB on the ground?  Plug it in and see what’s on it so you can keep it or return it.  Employee finds it, plugs it in, and its over before he even knows what just happened.  There were rumors that that…[Read more]

  • I appreciate the links.  Very useful reading.  And I agree about making it yourself.  Its always the best way to do anything.  🙂  im just working on basics until summer.  Then im gonna hit this stuff hard before I start my network security classes next fall.  Im also trying to work through my transition from windows to Linux.

  • No worries.  That makes sense that it would be left in a “funky state” haha.  It feels like that’s what has been happening.  And leaving another backdoor is smart and definitely something I’ll keep in mind on more serious tasks.

    So the restarting sessions problem arose as I was on the forums, so I posted it immediately, but it turns out it was an…[Read more]

  • Got the file to open on the target PC with encoding.  It doesn’t avoid the AV I want it to, but that isn’t a big deal right now.  The major problem I have now is reestablishing a connection after I close a session.  I added a schedule for it to run every minute via “scheduleme”, but that doesn’t work, and I even tried manually running the .exe on…[Read more]

  • I could play around with encode more I suppose.  But I don’t think its the AV stopping it.  Normally an AV will notify or at least have record of whats been flagged, but it doesn’t with these files.  Thanks for a reply, hopefully looking for some more help if anyone can offer it.

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