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      eCPPT is a good choice to start with, I was new to security and it takes you from a noob to having a good understanding.

      the course assumes that you have a basic knowledge of programming but i would suggest you need to have a bit more than basic if you intend to do the professional course straight away also TCP/IP.

      They do offer a student course prior to the pro but i decided to go straight in at pro and was pretty comfortable. A plus point about the eCPPT is that they offer you a whole module on scripting which it not the norm but very beneficial.

      The forums are very helpful and there is always someone there that will answer your questions.

      The only downside is that there are some grammatical errors and a few slide early on do get a little confusing because the examples they use do not exist in the real world so you cant follow them. The staff are aware of this and are addressing it.

      The future for eCPPT look promising and there are changes happening all the time. The best thing is that one you have paid up once you get life time access to both forums and course material so you can always stay up to date what ever changes they make. They also offer discounts to current members on anything new they try and listen to suggestions from the community.

      Hope this helps in your decision, good luck

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      all that for £31k a year….shame

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      I have ordered this one to start with as i thought even if you do have a good understanding of programming there is no harm in going back to basics.

      I liked the fact that it also teaches you by programming games.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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