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  • Asafoetida or Hing Plant Cultivation in India:-
    During the preparation of Indian cuisines, spices like Hing are used. Many spices are grown in India, excluding Asafoetida, which is imported from countries like Iran, Afghanistan. But now CSIR’s Himalayan Bio-resource Technology Institute has started the Asafoetida cultivation in India in Lahaul v…[Read more]

  • Things to Know about the Space Foods:-
    NASA has started a deep space food challenge or NASA food challenge to encourage people to provide creative ideas for foods on the space missions. Many people have submitted their opinions, & the National Aeronautics and Space Administration will also award the winners. Read this article to know about some…[Read more]

  • Various Ways How Space Science Can Help India in Future:-
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has shown positive impacts of the Aeronautics and space research programs on the country’s economic progress. There are ways in which space research programs help the Indian government to deal with future challenges like Combating Climate…[Read more]

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    CSIR-CDRI Skill Development Program 2021:-
    Pharma Sector and Health services are developing continually by embracing new techniques. As shown in the India Science TV Channel video, is information on various job-oriented CSIR Skill Development programs rendered by CSIR’s Central Drug Research Institute based in Lucknow under the ‘CSIR Int…[Read more]

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    How CSIR Skill Development Program is Useful to Know Healthcare Progresses?
    Central Drug Research Institute has developed a CSIR skill development program for employees to cope with the advancements. The latest program option would help employees understand the techniques in the healthcare sector better & can deliver the best service to clients &…[Read more]

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    Diving Deep into the Growing Phenomenon- Environment Conservation
    The goal for Environment Conservation is to protect wildlife & to aid biodiversity. Nature conservation can shield from becoming extinct & remain intact for the future as well. Businesses, people are joining the save environment save a life drives to provide for a healthy society.…[Read more]

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    Save Environment Save Life By India Science:-
    The video of the India Science TV Channel is on the value of the Save Environment Save Life. As natural resources are limited, & are depleting with time, so it becomes essential to conserve them for our present & future well being. Watch the programme on World Nature Conservation Day to know the value…[Read more]

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