• GreenTech Lighting posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago
    Solar Street Lights make full use of energy from the sun – mono solar panel with high efficiency, LED source, intelligent controller, lithium battery are all in one. It uses excellent practical control technology such as controller with micro radar sensor, human infrared induction/microwave motion sensor, etc., combined with a simple integrated structural design, perfect for achieving higher brightness and lower power consumption . Long lifespan and free maintenance, strong waterproof and heat dissipation, and easy installation at the same time.
    Products Parameters:
    Battery Type: New LifePO4 battery, Working Temperature:-25℃-+65℃, Waterproof Level:IP65, Color Temperature:2700K-6500K, Luminus Efficiency:160-170lm/W, :18V High efficiency monocrystalline silicon Solar Panel, Warranty:3 Years

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