• Heres mine:

    Key Manager (create your own SSL Certs)
    Modify Headers
    SQL Injection
    Ref Control
    Random User Agent
    Print PDF
    Tamper Data
    X-Forwarded for Spoofer
    && Last but not least NoScript!

    Default theme is MacOSX 0.7.1 on firefox

    Enigmail on thunderbird with AnonRemail, Display user agent,…[Read more]

  • Hiya Don, thx for the welcome, I will endeavor to not encourage that, but heh, the local authority has just screwed me and made me homeless for the second time running, all because I blew my lid at them after the death of my Cat.. Came home to find a rent demand for $281.00 when I am on the social and dont owe them 281.00 so they got the hump…[Read more]

  • enzo replied to the topic New EH in the forum Tutorials 12 years, 1 month ago

    @Ketchup wrote:


    I would say definitely learn as much programming as you can stomach.  You can always find a tool that will suit your purpose, but being able to understand what’s going in the background and writing your own is much more important.  Don’t become reliant on tools, learn how to do it manually first.

    There are safe ways to p…

    [Read more]

  • enzo replied to the topic New EH in the forum Tutorials 12 years, 1 month ago

    Ethics, you know right from wrong.. its that simple, dont hack into critical systems like Hospitals like that epic bit of fail “Jesse William McGraw”, who called himself “GhostExodus,” aged 25, he was leader of the hacker group “Electronik Tribulation Army,” and worked the night shift at the Carrell Clinic hospital in Dallas. He had bragged online…[Read more]

  • LOL – Now thats funny, but what can people expect from a government that refuses to use encryption or protection of any kind, its really not that surprising. They loose people’s personal details in the postal system on unencrypted CD’s and then say “How can this happen!” because they have the brain-cells of a Gnat!

    Seriously if you went and…[Read more]

  • w3af – the Web Application Attack and Audit Framework, it takes a bit of fiddling to set-up refer to the user manual for the install instructions, once you have it up and running you can just target the site and tell it to grep and mangle etc. Any holes it’ll find them and cough them up in a report, I tried it out and found it finds disclosed as…[Read more]

  • enzo replied to the topic LOphtcrack v6 is out!!! in the forum Tools 12 years, 1 month ago

    Ophcrack but you’ll need to download the rainbow tables, the smallest load is approx 622mb works well. 😉

  • enzo replied to the topic metasploit problem in the forum Tools 12 years, 1 month ago

    I have never had that happen to me, what are you using Linux or Windows..

    One is made by a huge global conglomerate that has your best interests at heart “no really, thats the BS they sell!” the other is a work sponsored by D.A.R.P.A the defense advanced research projects agency and they call it Free BSD.. or Unix based OS for short, I think some…[Read more]

  • enzo replied to the topic My story. in the forum Opinions 12 years, 1 month ago

    Love the glider sticker, heh, you have a friend in me.. 😀

  • There are ways to defeat the polymer test! What was that advert ah yes now I remember spray right guard or was it sure deodorant on your finger-tips.. all joking aside anyone can defeat a lie detector test just ask someone who works for the CIA.. I think the best way would be think of a Mc Donalds McCheese double and when asked where you at this…[Read more]

  • @BillV wrote:

    Really? A recommendation for that book? I thought it was absolutely useless – my opinion of course. :-

    I found it very informative but bearing in mind I bought the first edition when it came into print, I loved reading about XOR and all the other tid’bits proved very useful, it explains networking, it explains RATS, although at the…[Read more]

  • Dont know if you’ve seen this, its not really book category, I found an MMORPG called Cyber War..
    The year is 2020. All civilization has gone under. There is now a raging war between the Net Guards and Hackers, good and evil. It’s up to you to take a side, and fight for what you think is right. Riches, fame, and power await…[Read more]

  • Aww, bless, I remember how that used to feel… Where do I start??? Best answer, pick up a hacking book like The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking (Paperback) and start from page one, when you get halfway through the book you’ll be brimming with the Basic’s and then it’s just a case of putting it into application.

    The Unofficial Guide to…[Read more]

  • enzo replied to the topic Ugghh… in the forum Tools 12 years, 1 month ago

    You could try this, I have no idea if its any good, nor if its made in Russia or China (greetings comrades!), but it does say no shareware and no demoware, ie: 100% freeware.

    It’s a Office Brute Forcer by the looks of it..


    All the other ones look like they cost money, being on Linux limits my experience of…[Read more]

  • @g00d_4sh wrote:

    In my agency they are one of the only USB sticks that is officially accepted. Due to the FIPs compliance.  I weasel around the rules and use true crypt on a cheapy drive most of the time, but the big wigs have Iron Keys. 

    eCrypt_FS is another great proggie similar to true crypt, if your using an encrypted file system and then u…[Read more]

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