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What Is Cognizin? Cognizin is naturally-made within our own bodies. Once taken orally it is broken down from the intestine to smaller molecules which is readily absorbed into the blood flow. From the blood these molecules may enter the brain where they’re used to create phosphatidylcholine. The nerve cells inside our brains desire phosphatidylcholine to function correctly. Additionally Citicoline may reduce the creation of completely totally absolutely free radicals which would otherwise harm nerve cells. Generally Citicoline could be thought of a neuroprotective drug. Proof Supporting a part of Cognizin from the Treating Glaucoma The role of Citicoline because being a glaucoma treatment method has been analyzed with esophageal, oral, and topical administration. Intra-muscular Although not practical for the majority of cancer patients, intramuscular injections (IM) of 1000 mg of Cognizin have been contrasted to IM shots of placebo given within a course of sixty times. Retinal and visual pathway functions were assessed by visual evoked potentials (VEPs) and pattern-electroretinograms (PERGs). There has been a significant advancement in evaluation results recorded in the IM Cognizin team in contrast to the group who received the placebo. In a second study, visual field improvement has been noticed after only a 10 day class of 1,000milligrams of adrenal Citicoline. Oral Mainly because Cognizin is so nicely absorbed from the intestine oral intake should own a equivalent benefit compared to intramuscular administration. There’s one published research assessing a little set of glaucoma patients who obtained a oral dose of 1,000milligrams of Citicoline each day to improving memory. Generally speaking, however, not all, most of the patients the visual evoked potential (VEP) results improved after a month of therapy. Unfortunately there was no placebo control group in this research. Another analysis assessed that a proprietary dental treatment of Citicoline. In this study 500mg each day appeared to impede the development of glaucomatous lack in vision above a period of 60 days. Eye-drops An initial study has been published using an experimental eye drop solution of 2% Cognizin, 0.2percent high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and 0.01percent BAK (OMK1, Omikron Italia s.r.l.). This analysis revealed that Citicoline is consumed in to the attention. In addition, after sixty days of use within patients with glaucoma the retinal ganglion cell function enhanced. Potential Side Effects and Challenges of Citicoline Citicoline appears to be safe and also well-tolerated when taken by mouth. The most usual side effects are nausea and vomiting nausea. Proposed Dosage and Where You Can Purchase Citicoline for increasing brain memory appears to be more safe in doses which range from 1,000-2,000milligrams per day for quick spans of time ranging to 3 weeks. It’s perhaps not understood if it’s relatively absolutely safe to make use of over a g daily of Citicoline for lengthier periods of time. Based on the limited available study, 500-1,000mg every day of why brain energy might appear to be necessary in order to attain progress in retinal and visual pathway work. Citicoline may be seen at most health food shops in addition to on the web. Please notice, however, that the caliber can vary greatly. To be sure you’re getting a high quality product that’s formulated for optimum benefit I would advise you only acquire supplements that comprise the Cognizin(R) make of Citicoline.

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