• Well I got my response from Checkpoint Software and according to them their Full Disk Encryption, Pointsec for PC, is not dependent on the hardware but the file system itself. They are telling me that it should not matter but it doesn’t sound like they’ve ever had this kind of question before so I’ll have to give you guys a definite once I try it…[Read more]

  • The wear leveling info is interesting. That was a good read and I’ll have to look into the specs on the SDD. I have an email out to Pointsec now seeing if Pointsec for PC is stable on SDDs

  • @Kev wrote:

    The aircrack-ng site has all the answers you need. Pinging your router is really only good for a proof of concept and not really practical and certainly not very stealth. Aircrack has what you need to inject the proper packets.

    Good suggestion. I found the info you are talking about so I’ll read up on it and give it a try. Thanks!

  • Is there a way to speed up the process of capturing packets and IVs? I used my internal card and connected to the network and sent an ICMP ping flood which really sped up the process and I got about 500,000 IVs in under 5 minutes which made cracking the key almost effortless.

    I of course want to pentest this so without any clients on this AP can…[Read more]

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