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Students with ADHD struggle with attention, memory and focusing. There are many ways classroom teachers can help support these students within the classroom environment. Students with ADHD can have successful school experiences with the help in how to write a character analysis and reinforcement of their teachers. Here are some ways that teachers can support students with ADHD within the classroom.

Give Ample Time:

Teachers should give students with ADHD enough time to copy work from the board or to complete a school assignment. They can use a timer in order to signal them when their time is up. Allowing students the extra time will help them feel less stressed with trying to keep up with their peers.

Partner Help:

Partner children up in the classroom so they can support each other. You can have students check each other’s work or you can partner students together so they can help each other while doing independent or group assignments. Partner groups tend to keep each other accountable and more focused.

Time To Move:

Students with ADHD have difficulty with sitting still for long periods of time. Allow your students to move around after a period of time. You can ask them to be a helper and collect the papers or you can have them do another job. This movement will help these students a great deal when it is time again to sit and focus.


October 17, 1975

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