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Passionate technologist & life-long learner who blames his parents for his entrepreneurial spirit. I love making with my son and that my little princess also calls herself a math geek. I’m not afraid of starting at the bottom, because it’s never where I end up. I believe leaders must also know how to be led & hard work is the foundation of success.

My first ‘real’ job in IT was as a Systems Admin for a hospital. I later formed a successful consulting business continuing work in the medical field while expanding into the SMB and media markets. During the tech boom of the 90s, I ventured into startup territory and became CTO of Telco Billing Solutions, Inc. After the tech bubble burst, I accepted a position in my hometown as Director of IT for the Dept of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), home to the largest medical school in the country. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I took my experience from a wide range of industries and the security concepts intertwined in each and co-founded The Digital Construction Company (TDCC). A firm believer of life-long education, I’m also an advocate of industry certifications as a baseline of knowledge, while I also am ever-mindful of the fact that true career advancement comes with experience and sharing with others. For this reason, I created CSP Online Magazine as a free and open exchange of security-focused credentials. I then expanded the online media offerings of TDCC with The Ethical Hacker Network. I will continue to preach the wonders of technology through a combination of writing, speaking, studying and, of course, working.

I am very proud that EH-Net is now part of the eLearnSecurity family.

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September 25, 1970

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