• docrice replied to the topic OSWP v3 in the forum Wireless 8 years, 7 months ago

    Really?  There’s no 3.0 version of the exam?  Considering the new additional material, I figured there’d be a revised challenge which tests for these techniques.  I quickly went through short bits of the newer sections in the video content and kept thinking that it’s about time they start testing students on WPA attacks (as it was only su…[Read more]

  • I just started the OnDemand for 542, and since my web skills are very weak this will be a good stretch for me.  I’ve taken several other SANS courses and while they were all challenging in their own ways, I already had at least some experience in the subject matter before taking them.  542 should be a huge smack in the face for me.

    In my e…[Read more]

  • docrice replied to the topic Wireshark University in the forum Other 8 years, 7 months ago

    I’ve never taken Wireshark University courses, but I’ve seen Laura Chappell teach at the first Sharkfest a few years ago.  She also has free videos online on different sites.  You can always learn this stuff on your own, but I think it’s really helpful when someone is walking you through the fundamentals and stepping through different analysis s…[Read more]

  • Very cool.  I was wondering when it would get updated.  I might consider upgrading my current OSWP whenever time allows.  I wish it covered 802.1X attacks as well though.

  • Was your exam the 2-hour / 75-question version, or the older 4-hour / 150 question format?  I’m thinking of taking this course at the end of the year and I’m debating whether to do the exam or not.

    How was the GWAPT exam compared to other GIAC ones?

  • What you deploy initially and in the future will highly depend on business requirements / expectations / existing perceived risks, etc..  You’ll probably fine-tune this as you go along and get more acquainted with the organization’s security policy.

    One thing that I’d definitely recommend doing is take a pulse of what’s currently going on in the…[Read more]

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