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best tattoo parlour in kolkata,Once opened you need to clean the tattoo nicely with normal water and by creating lather of the soap/handwash. Please note do not rub the soap on the tattoo. Clean the blood stains nicely otherwise those stains would grow into a wound. After letting it to dry by itself apply the cream recommended by the artist. This is only for the first day.

Your new tattoo will consist of an area of tiny skin breaks, caused by the tattooing needles, so it should be kept covered afterwards for at least an hour or two using the sterile, non-adherent dressing, applied by your artist. This bandage is only intended to get you home without the treated area catching on clothing, or being exposed to the dusty air. The dressing will also help to stop any bleeding/fluid oozing, but should be removed before it dries on the treated area.




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