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      I consider myself a very creative (out of the box thinker), would programming (specifically PYTHON) allow me to use that?

      Another question….

      I almost have my CCNA, also have my A+ (which means nothing since everyone has it), I was thinking about:

      Linux Certs
      Windows Certs
      Net +
      Security +

      useful or redundant?

      Was also thinking of a
      Win 7 and server 2012 certification as well. I find jobs to be a bit difficult, so far to get. I want something stable/steady with good $ (50k +) so that I can focus on more than this.

      Curious again if these will help or some are redundant?

      I also (surprisingly) dont hear alot of people using Kali-Linux. Is this something that everyone uses and thus so, nobody seems to mention… or… is using this considered being a “Script Kiddie?”

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      I worked for a hospital for about 5 months. I took HIPAA training. Online test. I think you can probably go through a vendor who already has this training set up and then have you be the admin of the course… see everyones scores/retakes/create accounts etc.

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      Umm, is their a second Dredd movie out besides the one thats already on video?

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      What is a good beginner book for learning all this stuff about Linux and what your referring to: IP Tables and such. A good overall book to get my feet wet.


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      CCNA (Almost finished)
      CCNA Sec
      CCNP Sec
      Net +
      Sec +
      Linux +

      I dont know how long all those will take.

      Thinking about doing a foreign language and bachelors or something at a college?

      I forgot to add…

      Anyone ever interested (don’t know the specific name) in those courses (not computer related) on how to bug-out or disappear if your being chased looked for… disappear course. I’m sure for this type of career those skills are useful. Even if your doing it the legal way.

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      Curious, from a security standpoint- how valuable is a Cisco CCIE Security?

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      Wasn’t Kali Linux already hardened?

      I am not that familiar with it, but its basically the same as Debian correct?

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      I am going to do the Linux + relatively soon. But I am also curious about another poster mentioned the same thing for CCNA Security???

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      I am surprised to hear that the one exam route is easier. I always think if I end up not passing then I just wasted 300$ 🙁

      Odom’s books are super detailed… like chock full of things. I got both books for 40$ I think. 30% discount. Came with a simulator and a couple tests. At one point your just going to have to dive in and do it.

      The other thing is I hear Cisco routinely changes the passing scores…? If too many people pass they raise the bar.

      I have a 3550 (layer 3) and 1 2950 (layer 2). Also have a 1750 router. All three are flashed with the latest firmware to give things like SSH and whatnot.


      their are other ways to find material… p2p networks is one. GNS3 with a IOS pack is another way… you can only simulate routers- HOWEVER you can in some IOS models make it a SWOUTER- which is a router with a 16 port switch blade. So you can do both.

      Live Lessons

      IMO do a video course, take notes and then read the book. Its much easier. Mr. Odom’s book was easier to read after I understood the material in a video I had already watched.

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