• Time flies by doesn’t it? Even between the time I last posted I was supposed to take my ECPPT back in mid march, but the pandemic completely derailed my whole plans. Things are starting to get somewhat back to normal now that we have found decently priced child care that helps with NTI. Finally I’m gearing up to take the ECPPT.

    I have frequented…[Read more]

  • JBX and Profile picture of ciscokid23ciscokid23 are now friends 2 months, 1 week ago

  • Wow.

    How things have changed. I’m the OP, cleanwithit0607 from 2008.

    I ended up finishing my associates degree in Network Administration. I now hold A+, Network+, Linux +, CCNA, CCNA:Security, CCNP:R&S. I held the MCSA & MCSE but those expired. I started at an MSP back in 2012 as a Network Engineer level 1 & now Tier 3. Debating on going for…[Read more]

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