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Internet Entrepreneur, father of 3 wonderful kids (2 princesses and 1 prince) and internet business owner that develops brand new rebrandable PLR ebooks and high quality PLR articles that can use be used on your blog or use to create your own profitable info products (PLR) that you can sell online for big profits. If you’re not sure what PLR/Resell rights is, learn more below:

Resell Rights: This type of rights lets the purchaser of the pre-written fitness plr content sell it to someone else. Most of the time that means they have to sell it in the same condition it was sold to them. The pre-written content will normally come with a personal use only or PUO disclaimer. The original author may put additional restrictions on it, such as that it must be sold for a specific price or that the buyer can sell it, but the third party who buys it from them can’t sell it.

Master Resell Rights: This type of rights lets the buyer not only sell the pre-written content to someone else, but also the person that buys it from them is free to sell it too.

Rebranding:  With this kind of rights, the buyer can delete the author’s original links in the content and replace them with their own, but they can’t change anything else in the material. However, in most cases the buyer is allowed to sell the resulting material, but the third party can’t sell it. Make money publishing and selling Rebrandable PLR eBooks and courses on Amazon and eBay.

Private Label Rights: This is the type of rights that gives buyers the most freedom to do what they like with the original content. They can alter it and change it however they like. However, in some cases the author may specify some sort of restriction, so be sure to read your contract carefully. Remember to edit any PLR that you buy, add your branding and sell it as a newly created product to get the best results and maximum profits from your PLR products.

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May 2, 1987

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