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Are you a League of Legends gamer? Did you stop at any point and wonder, how to increase your MMR?

MMR also known as Matchmaking Rating is a statistic, League of Legends uses it to determine your tier/division and how much League Points you get per win. There is a lot of different factors that also count towards your LP gains, but this is one of the major ones.

If you are stuck gaining low amounts of LP it may be a good opportunity to start out fresh, on an unranked lol smurf account. You will start around iron,bronze or silver therefore making your games insanely easy to dominate and build up a great matchmaking rating.

Elo Boost & Smurf Store stands as one of the most reliable League of Legends Account sources currently available on the internet, step up your game plan and improve your MMR by getting a fresh lol account!



January 3, 1992

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