• archtctfr replied to the topic ShmooCon 2011 in the forum Calendar Of Events 11 years ago

    This one looks a bit dead. I have made it the last 4 years. It is so much better than that Vegas crawl. Went to that years ago and now it is just way to many people. These guys limit the number that can attend. It get a bit interesting at ticket time. However the information and the party are always worth the effort. I was there last year and it…[Read more]

  • archtctfr replied to the topic ToorCon 12 in the forum Calendar Of Events 11 years ago

    Just checking. Got a friend out there. Could not make it myself. I have made the Shmoo last 4 yrs and about time to start thinking about that one. Looks like BT5 will release there or at least I heard that somewhere. Thought I saw a date that was right after the first of the year. Any word on the Toor is going??

  • archtctfr replied to the topic college major questions in the forum Career Central 11 years ago

    Interesting question and there appear to be some very fine advice in the responses. i will take a different tack and ask a question in response to the question. First of all that I saw the one I put a big “no” was the one that indicated “go into management”. If you do wish to avoid the repeat and repeat kind of functions. Why would one think of…[Read more]

  • Just checking to see if Don you are going this year. I met you a couple years back at a Sans Pen Test Summit after your talk. I am heading there after the Sans GWAPT class in San Fran. Take a evening at home and then head to DC on Thursday to be ready for friday at noon. My second year in a row.  ;D

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