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    In an ethical hacking class, students can learn modern techniques for defending against vulnerabilities. Each student gets a Windows Server host virtual machine that has two nested virtual machines – one virtual machine with a Metasploitable3 image and another machine with a Kali Linux image. The Metasploitable virtual machine is used for exploiting purposes and Kali virtual machine provides access to the tools needed to execute forensic tasks.
    This article has two main sections. The first section covers how to create a classroom lab. The second section covers how to create the template machine with nested virtualization enabled and with the tools and images needed. In this case, a Metasploitable image and a Kali Linux image on a machine that has Hyper-V enabled to host the images.

    To set up this lab, you need an Azure subscription to get started. If you don’t have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin. Once you get an Azure subscription, you can either create a new lab account in Azure Lab Services or use an existing account. See the following tutorial for creating a new lab account: Tutorial to set up a lab account.

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