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      Ohh..yep..I saw it. However I can’t say that it was the most dummy example that can bring enough light into the dark.

      I’ve search and found on my own the following:



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      @the_Grinch wrote:

      Thanks everyone!Β  Definitely going to have to work my butt off, but the knowledge will be worth it in the end.Β  I fully expect it to crush me in the beginning, but nail it in the end!

      Firstly, Good Luck and strength ahead.

      Secondly I’d like to ask why didn’t have waited until the new Kali Linux / new certification platform get be released? πŸ™‚

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      Ya…I have that link too but IMO it’s ok only for basic stuff. When I’ve faced the threading and queue concept I was forced to look elsewhere for more than 1 week and get this concept understood.

      I’m not a programmer type but I’m making great efforts to became one as much as I’ll can one and get this course done.

      I’m almost at the end of module 2 and I’ve already read impressive extra to get some task completed.

      Also I was forced to watch every youtube resource and narrow every additional video examples which I had on my personal library.

      Bottom line I’m founding this certification very demanding but in the same time very useful. It’s not like of the “one month learning” type certifications, you need get used with the concepts and way of thinking to get your own tools build up from the scratch. πŸ™‚

      From my point of view worth every cent.

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      This weekend I’ve just enrolled to this course. Yesterday they sent me the course outline and all the necessary resources.

      So far it’s damn good, straight and it follows the point. I feel like I would be into a mountain-rouse, actually :).

      Thanks God that I’ve played and win with Coursera – “Learning to program -Fundamentals Python” online training. Despite the fact that this one is focused on the Python version 3, it still provides you a very good beginner programming approach related to python structure, way of thinking and so.

      So far this course SPSE is focused mainly to Python version 2.7.3 due of background compatibility with different libraries and such.

      I can hardly wait to go home and go deep into the next modules.

      I’ll keep you updated eventually about how it goes πŸ™‚

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      With some time ago I’ve got an interview for a pentesting position into NZ.

      Two younger and nice guys discussed with me in one and a half hour different technical aspects and attacking vector details from Wifi until OWASP Top 10.

      Later on I found that one from them is well known into underground world and he works mainly as a freelancer.

      However, at some point I asked them how much do their care about certifications and they let me know that into the pen-testing world all it matters is to gain root into the systems, whatever you have or have not specific certification.

      The interview ends with the invite to proof my skills into their virtual lab which it seems for me the very fair method to get eventually the job.

      I’m not a natural born hacker or something and I needed / I need to learn all the time.Β  I’m not good or bad but but just guided by Edison motto:

      “Genius means 1% inspiration and 99% effort”…more or less πŸ™‚

      Bottom line, in my opinion, you should learn from pleasure and if this learning activity can gets you some paper too then why not?

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      I won’t say new into InfoSec after 9+ years but yes, a little more than new into Pentest field.

      I’ve already played and won with ECSA and CEH but these are just as appetizer starters into the field. I wanna move up step by step to the “Premier league”.

      Scripting, yes, so far I love Python.

      However, I’ve still have a drawback about PWB training due of their new announced release of BT, KALI. Then some course changes will take place and so.

      ’till then I’ve decided to practice on the free platforms as and



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      Great job mate. Congratulation!

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      Nice hints mate and again, very interesting details into the big picture. I really appreciated your help into this matter. THANKS!

      I’ve spoken with my boss and I’ve let him knows that in this CREST job failure ain’t an option so I need some preparation.

      I’ve succeeded to obtain an slight delay into pursuing CRT with an intermediate goal thought, Penetration Testing with BackTrack (PWB) as a start.

      Unfortunately, the company won’t cover the exam expenses to I’ll need to cover it with my earnings, maybe some OninePoker nights will help me out. But, as Bill Gates said, life is a bitch and military teach me very well this aspect πŸ™‚


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      Woaaa….THANKS so much MaXe for such detailed overview picture.

      Despite the fact that I’m totally agree with your sayings, especially with the security professionals reaction, CREST became on demand for each under the Queen influence areas.

      NO CREST, no contract, almost no matter what do you eventually have beside. Soon they will ask for NATO clearance as well.

      However, I like their CRT syllabus. It’s well structured, awesome learning guide though.

      I’ll check the rest of certif providers that you pointed me and I’ll go with to my boss for an additional further talk.


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      Hi guys,

      Any thoughts about what kindda study requirements are need for CREST Registered Tester Certification Examination, CREST entry level certification?

      Today I was informed that I must aim for if I want to make an extra buck for my family.

      Also, if I don’t ask for too much, which might be the study papers that should be used for “acquire the target”?

      I mean I’m trying get “intel” about how difficult it will be based on “know your enemy” before anything else concept πŸ™‚

      Thanks much,


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      For python you can check this one:

      It’s kinnda funny πŸ™‚

      Also, you can check you tube and search after thenewboston python. Good stuff too.

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      @skorpinok wrote:

      @MrTuxracer wrote:

      Have a look at the Hera Labs from eLearnSecurity:


      any free labs ?Β  these labs make lot of money.

      Hi, So far I don’t have knowledge about such kind of free labsΒ  but you can try your skills for free into wargames web sites. I suppose a fast search over google can get you into the right den πŸ™‚

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      Great review and this is one of the most honest I’ve ever read. You have absolutely right about the balance between the learning pain vs time spend with your family. Instead the fact that Off Sec provides quite quality courses they should have a review of the materials and balance the things a little.

      For a fee between 450 – 1500 bucks per cert some aspects can be fixed though.

      A Big CONGRATULATION! and enjoy any further decision that you’ll take. In the end it’s just your personal choice based on your experience πŸ™‚

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      Wow..all my free time just gone πŸ™‚

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