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CHAL Aluminium Corporation supplies drawn aluminum tubes for a long time. The products are in accordance with the national standards and are suitable for engineering, coal mine, textile, electric power, boiler, machinery, military and other fields. The company always adhere to the market-oriented, customer-centered, quality as the lifeblood of the enterprise, integrity as the foundation of enterprise management, adhere to the principle of serious and rigorous, steady progress, continuous development and growth, established a solid sales service system in the industry.


Our Advantages

1. Our company has sufficient stock and complete specifications of drawn aluminum. For those special specifications that we don’t have, we can open the mold according to the customer’s requirements.

2. Each product specification of our company has been strictly reviewed in the purchase, so that the unqualified products are not put into the warehouse, and the unqualified products are not sold.

3. Because of the particularity of drawn aluminum (easy to bend and scratch), every piece of aluminum in our company must be packed to avoid unnecessary damage during transportation, and the product delivered to you is satisfactory.

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