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Traditionally, an end user would contact the service desk due to experiencing some kind of technical issue. Once the service desk received the call, the tech will place the user on hold. Then, the paperwork needed for opening the ticket must be completed. Only then could the issue be resolved or escalated and not until the instance is closed, does the end user receive an email confirmation. It could take minutes, hours or even days, depending on the nature of the issue. This old-fashioned operational system can lead to frustration and boredom among staffmembers, which can cause productivity levels to decrease. Service desk automation is the way to go! Help desk software offers an impressive help desk automation feature built on flexible business rules. These capabilities are vital to automate help desk software. Whenever you require a full article on IT Service Desk Automation, click over here. All incoming requests automatically captured and logged Based on skill routing, automatically assign each case to the correct help desk technician (or group) Notifying the technician automatically that a new job is assigned Automatically prioritizing incidents based on rules (i.e. System, severity, reporting person Automated routing and due dates based upon configurable service levels agreements (SLAs). Offering tools to document successful fixes for issues so they can be utilized later Automating workflows for user onboarding processes. Documenting interactions with the user Notifying users of issues automatically resolution or escalation Automatically surveying users after the issue is resolved to gauge the level of satisfaction Automatically sending out reports based upon service-related and issue-related metrics. Simple requests can be automated without the need for human involvement by adding automation. Password resets Creation of folders Permissions No question on automation Automating is a must when you’re able to automate. Initial investment in the technology that allows automation will be quickly paid back with improved efficiency, reduced errors and increased customer satisfaction. Increase the frequency and timeliness of status updates One of the things that frustrates most customers is that they don’t know the status of their problem, or how long they will need to wait before it’s fixed. With the help of certain programs, you can specify the rules to send timely updates to customers regarding the status of their ticket or request. It is possible to reduce the number of questions that the service desk receives by keeping customers updated. Automated alerts are able to inform you when an issue is resolved that falls outside of the service-level agreement. This ensures that nothing is left behind. Digital artificial intelligence transformation could lead to us being obsessed with our customers’ tech that we forget to give the same technology to our employees. Automating your service desk is one incredibly easy way to give them the support they need.

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