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Tarot reading

This discipline uses cards to make predictions so we can not say that it is a science but we can say that tarot reading is a clairvoyance tool. As a psychic reading tool it can make mistakes and all predictions depends on the psychic reader abilities. It needs to be human, to be responsive to others. Someone who just work for money can not be a good tarot reader even if it is just an entertainment for some and a belief for others. More info from the article source on the web.

Because we all have the same global vision of tarot meaning but all of those who use cards to make predictions have their own interpretations of some details viewable on major and minor arcana. This point is very important because it is the source of most of the errors: a good tarot meaning can give you a lot, a wrong one will always drive you in the wrong way. That’s the secret of the tarot.


August 8, 1979

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