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There are several Android apps that let you manage your computer, but when you want to control your smartphone, there is no one-stop solution. Vysor is an Android application that allows you to accomplish this. It’s created by a well-known Android developer Koushik Dutta, who’s attempting to make the process easier. Also Read – Shadow Fight Arena PvP tips and strategies: How to take on your opponent in a matter of seconds The Vysor app comes as a Chrome extension that works on both Windows and Mac OS X. This extension doesn’t require a smartphone that is rooted or any other app to function. All you require is the Chrome extension. The extension mirrors the Android screen on your computer and supports keyboard and mouse. Whether you decide on a useful content about vysor for pc, click over here. Individuals who spend most of their time on computers may find this application helpful. Users are able to easily access various functions of their phone, including testing making calls, and playing games, among others. Additionally, there is an option called Vysor share, which lets you create and share links to the device you have mirrored with other users who have Vysor extension installed on their PC. Let’s jump right in and discover the Vysor app in action. Step 1 Install the Vysor Chrome Extension in your Chrome browser to begin. Step two: Use a USB cable to connect your Android tablet or smartphone to your computer. You must ensure that all necessary drivers are on your computer. Step three: ADB must be turned on in the developer options in order for Vysor to be able to identify the device. If ADB isn’t turned on for your device, head to Settings > About > Building Number. Tap seven times on the build’s number and the toast notification will pop up at the top, saying you are now an official developer. When you receive this confirmation, go to Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging. Make sure to tick the box that allows this. Step four Now start the Vysor app in Chrome. It will automatically detect your device, but in case it doesn’t you can manually add it manually by clicking on “Find devices” option in Vysor. There will be a list of connected devices. Select your Android phone and click on OK. Your smartphone screen will now be displayed in the Vysor dialogue box. It’s worth pointing out; since the extension is in the beta stage, you might experience some glitches and lags when using it.

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