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VMware or VirtualBox for Kali Linux VM?

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     Don Donzal 

    What do you prefer for running Kali Linux in a VM… VMware or VirtualBox and why?


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    virtualbox beacause its free

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    I like VMware. It seems to hang less, and I move through it easily, even from one VM to another, or to my computer host. Lately I have had to use Kali on an online VM, and I miss the smooth operation of VMware. I also recently worked with an ISO that had to be run on VirtualBox, and it hung enough to make VMware a clear favorite. At work I am setting up a lab with Hyper V, but I have not worked with it enough to give a report, and it may be some time before I run Kali there.

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    I prefer VMware player. It has very convenient interface and many useful features. Main disadvantage for me is the RAM usage. I tried it on 4GB RAM machine and experienced performance issues.

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