Getting import error after running scan

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      I ran nexpose_scan from msfconsole, I get following error :

      [*] >> Downloading the report data from Nexpose…
      [-] Error while running command nexpose_scan: undefined method `import’ for #<Metasploit::Framework::DataService::RemoteHTTPDataService:0x0000000002dd7af0>
      Did you mean? import_file

      Call stack:
      /opt/metasploit-framework/embedded/framework/lib/metasploit/framework/data_service/proxy/db_import_data_proxy.rb:6:in `block in import’

      Can anyone help me about this?

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      Don Donzal

      Haven’t seen this error. Some quick searches shows others haven’t seen it either. It almost seems like this is an issue with the module itself. Is your copy of metasploit and the nexpose plugin updated? What was the command you ran to get this error?

      I would suggest going to the source and asking Rapid7:


Viewing 1 reply thread
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