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      Don Donzal

      In addition to many independent bug bounty programs run by organizations themselves, there are a few companies that specialize in creating those programs for them and recruiting hunters to be a part of their platform AKA Crowdsourced Cybersecurity Platforms. Those include:


      Please list any others that we missed as well as your experience with any of them.


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      Don Donzal

      Couple more:

      • Intigriti
      • FireBounty


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      Hi Don,

      I have submitted some bounties to various platforms over the past years. Here are a few more for the list:

      SSD Beyond Security

      Let me also give some input on the various programs:

      Both Hackerone (HO) and Bugcrowd (BC) are a good fit for penetration testers and I would suggest to see the talks of Jason Haddix to get an idea of focus area’s. It mostly deals with web-app and network level vulnerabilities although there are some customers who look for expertise in IoT, Mobile and/or desktop applications. Make sure to read the scope and do not violate the terms… Payments are in either Bitcoin (HO) or USD/bank transfer (BC).

      ZDI, SSD and Zerodium focus on vulnerabilities in common enterprise level software and IoT/SCADA/Automation. See advisories listed on ZDI for an idea of accepted vulnerabilities and target software. A large percentage are memory safety issues which will require decent fuzzing, RE and triage skills. On the webapp side injections and AA issues are not uncommon…. Zerodium needs a full working exploit, ZDI and SSD might accept PoC if clearly written.

      Happy hunting 🙂

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        Don Donzal

        Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

        Jason also preaches about the better chance of getting paid (and you can get more) the more details and spelled out consequences contained in the submitted report. Is this your experience as well?

        How’s the $$$$?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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