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Cyber Readiness Challenge - Dallas

Cyber Readiness Challenge - Dallas
January 29, 2013
Dallas, TX

Recruiting Security Experts Worldwide

Sun Tzu once said, "Know both yourself and your enemy and you can win a hundred battles without jeopardy."

The Symantec Cyber Readiness Challenge is a CtF-style competition designed for all levels of technical expertise that puts participants in the hacker's shoes to understand their targets, technology and thought processes so they can ultimately better protect their company or agency. This interactive 'capture the flag' style competition will take place at various locations around the globe and participants will have the opportunity to test their skills within a unique and real world environment developed by Symantec, the global leader in security.

- Sharpen your security skills
- Expand your security awareness
- Implement theoretical knowledge
- Compete against your peers

Bringing together some of the world's leading experts in IT security, this innovative competition will provide a fantastic environment for networking and knowledge sharing.

Space is limited so register today for an event near you to guarantee your place!

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