Taking My GCIH 2013




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Taking My GCIH 2013

Good day Everyone,

Im in the process of studying for my GCIH and taking the test early 2013. I purchased the self study in aug 2012 and Im just getting to book 5. The reason im taking my time is because I really want to learn and understand the material in the books. I was told I can just index the hell out of it and take it but I will feel like i cheated myself and won't gain any knowledge. Am I taking too long, and if I take the test in 2013 studying off of my 2012 books will this hurt me for the test?  Im actually looking over the CEH material along with the GCIH, which is helping out a lot for me.  Thanks in advance



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Re: Taking My GCIH 2013

Hi Musedev!! I took the GCIH exam last week and wrote a blog post regarding my preparation in passing the exam. Hopefully this answers some of your questions:


If you have additional questions, let me know.

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