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A cool way to get calls anonymous! Kind of like a way to receive calls from people you do not trust with your home or cell number. You can have the Craigsnumber forward to your line for 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week.  What happens is the person calling you has to give an introduction and them it calls your like and tells you the persons introduction and you decide if you want to answer it or not. Here is the little fact sheet below


craigsnumber factsheet

Q: What is Craigsnumber?
A: Craigsnumber is an auto-expiring, FREE anonymous phone number.

Q: What is your guiding vision?
A: The desire to communicate can not be crippled by concerns about privacy.
    Craigsnumber unleashes the true potential of a global community by making it a safer place.
    Anything we build must be simple enough to be used easily.

Q: Is any of the user information sold ?
A: User information is used solely for the purpose of providing craigsnumber anonymous call services.
    We do not sell, rent, or lease your phone number to third parties.
    Any companies or individuals employed by us are bound by law to protect the confidentiality
    of user information. For details, please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Q: Will Craigsnumbers be reused ?
A: No. Craigsnumbers are unique and they will not be reused.

Q: Which are Craigsnumbers' key milestones?
A: Our key milestones so far:

    * Focus-group meetings and results: February, 2006
    * Development completed: October, 2006
    * Beta launch: December 16, 2006

Q: How many employees does Craigsnumber have as of Dec'06?
A: Development team of five, total of eight. Headquarters in Silicon Valley, California.

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Re: www.craigsnumber.com

That is too cool, might come in handy sometime. I hope they don't start charging for it. I read through there privacy policy and TOS, and it looks like there are collecting lots of data(NPII) that they plan on sharing with any 3rd party. Also, according to their terms if they ever "reorg", PII is authorized to be released.



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Re: www.craigsnumber.com

Craigsnumber changed to : www.numbr>com Unfortunately, both seem defunct, in that neither now offer anon/temp phone numbers. Sob! Anyone know of any similar websites?



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Re: www.craigsnumber.com

I just built and launched the 2009 version of this kind of phone privacy service: http://www.ThisLineIsSecure.com/. It's a pay-as-you-go private voicemail + calling card for with an emphasis on protecting privacy. It's cheap but not free, so it's very 2009. On the other hand, it uses a toll-free number, not a SF number. More details about it here: http://www.ThisLineIsSecure.com/about

Also I think it's funny/interesting that they went from focus-groups in February to Beta Launch in December with five developers. I made ThisLineIsSecure.com in about three weeks in my spare time, thanks to Twilio. Brave new world.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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