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Certification/Training Path

Hello All
I was after a little info/guidance regarding the path i should take for my Certifications.
First, a little background on myself :
I have worked in IT departments for various companies for around 5 years or so.  My work was mainly systems and network admin, helpdesk; but my current position has let me get more involved with the network (configuring routers, cabling etc) plus other bits and pieces.
My goal is to become a penetration tester/ethical hacker, either working for a company or eventually setting up my own business.
I haven't yet taken any of my certs, mainly due to lack of time and not requiring them at the time.
However, the path i'd like to take would be :
CCNA, possibly CCNP, MCSE, CEH and CISSP.
I would like, if possible, some information from yourselves as to what path you took to get to a similar goal (and the method of study used) or whether i should take a different approach altogether.
Sorry for the length of this post and thanks in advance.
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Re: Certification/Training Path

Seems like you're headed in the right direction. I too had experience first, then went to add some certs to bolster my resume. My path was MCSE with Security+ as my elective, then CISSP then CEH.

As for study methods, see the following:

Sorry for touting my own stuff, but since you asked for my thoughts, they are already down in writing.

Hope this helps,

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