Linux local privilege escalation -



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Linux local privilege escalation -

A quick search didn't show this mentioned before.

Whilst reading up on local privilege escalation in Linux, I came across the following resource:

Nebula takes the participant through a variety of common (and less than common) weaknesses and vulnerabilities in Linux. It takes a look at

   SUID files
   Race conditions
   Shell meta-variables
   $PATH weaknesses
   Scripting language weaknesses
   Binary compilation failures

At the end of Nebula, the user will have a reasonably thorough understanding of local attacks against Linux systems, and a cursory look at some of the remote attacks that are possible.

I'm currenlty working my way through them, and have found them really useful so far.
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Re: Linux local privilege escalation -

Will have to see what it's got.  Thanks for the share.
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Re: Linux local privilege escalation -

Thanks looks like a good resource.
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