Ethical hacker magazine?



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Re: Ethical hacker magazine?

SephStorm wrote:I would personally stick with 2600.

Hackin9 has taken a beating of late by having a story slip into their mag that was complete and utter gibberish. It's also worthy to note that both are managed by the same company so I have doubts about the quality of their work with Pen Test mag.

Regarding pentest magazine:

They seem to be spamming the same way Hakin9 was. I recieved a bunch of emails asking if I was interested on becoming a proof reader. After like the third message I replied yes, just out of curiosity.

Here's the answer:


From: Krzysztof Sikora <krzysztof.sikora@pentestmag.com>
Subject: Re: Proofreader
Date: Friday, November 9, 2012, 3:19 PM


I'm glad that you are interested. Our proofreaders have the opportunity to learn from articles and are entitled to receive a copy of the issue he/she worked on. Currently, we don't pay for proofreading. Are you still interested?

Kind regards,


I replied back asking for a free subscription to both magazines in payment. They never replied back.

So beware people, these guys are doing the same crap all over again. and I know that someone is gonna pull the same Hakin9 prank on them. Just imagine the proofreaders they might get. I've read some articles and they are ok,  some are just plain crap to fill a magazine and all of them have typos that just crack me up!!!!. Bottom line... it's the same crappy people with another crappy magazine....


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Re: Ethical hacker magazine?

It's the same company behind, that runs Hakin9  ;D
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