Hackers Challenge [1-3]




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Hackers Challenge [1-3]

I'm halfway through the latest of this series:
and I thought they could do with a mention here.

Each book has 20 scenarios and the story that goes with it, presented with all info you need to work out how the intrusion happened  (the excerpts from logs, clues droped into the dialouge, etc.). At the start of each chapter you get a breakdown of attack/prevention/mitigation difficulty and at the end you get a few questions on things like how it happend which machinesere compromised. The second half of the book supplies you with the answers in the same story style.

Each scenario differs from the others, ranging from insecure Wi-fi conections to SQL injection to someone getting socialed. It's also interesting that as the series has gone on they've change the problems to fit with the bigger security issues of the day (book 3 has quite a few phishing related chapters where as book one that's been out for about 5 year has non)

The problems aren't going to tax the more advanced security expert but they a nice  change from doing a crossword or sudoku and might introduce the novice reader to one or two things they'd not considered before. It's also good for the beginer as you just get a small amount of the logs rather than page after page, so it's quite easy to spot the relivent entries even if you don't know what it means or why it happend. 

They do have big "from the people who brought you hack exposed" on the front cover, but I think that really refers to the publisher (I'll check the authors when I get home) 
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Re: Hackers Challenge [1-3]

I read the first one a few years back after it went on sale for 3.99 at Microcenter. I liked it alot and its quick reading. Hopefully the second will go on sale now that the 3rd one has been out awhile.

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