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ZDResearch training

Hello guys,

I see that nobody remarked the arrival of another company on the training market: ZDResearch.

They are launching not one course, but four of them:

- Advanced Web Hacking
- Penetration Testing
- Exploit Development
- Reverse Engineering


The courses look very interesting, medium to advanced level, and the prices are comparable with the Offensive security ones.

Maybe Don will contact them and have a member evaluate one/some of them.


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Post Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:16 pm

Re: ZDResearch training

Everybody now days is trying to make some training, some of them they are good, others they keep dreaming.

The time will show how really are the goods trainers, takes time and improvement.

I think there are two very important keys:

1. Do not include a lot of info, just specific info
2. Lab that info with a lot of labs like Offensive and eLearnsecurity

I saw a lot of training taking the CEH structure and begin to train base of those subjects.

I learnt to give them time and later they see the errors and make improvements.

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