How NOT to pass a job interview



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Re: How NOT to pass a job interview

Eleven wrote:...since 99% of interviewees would probably much rather dress casual, and only wear the suit because it's considered standard.

I don't like wearing a suit but I still wear one to interviews. 

If I knew that a company encouraged casual dress (really casual, not business casual), I'd ask ahead just to avoid showing up with a tie when everyone else is in a t-shirt and shorts. 
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Re: How NOT to pass a job interview

I agree with a lot of the posters here.

Why is it so difficult ? If people don't wear suits at work and you don't think that people showing up for an interview need to wear one, why not put it in the job description ?

Strange, you can't blame a guy showing up without a suit on a job interview when none of his coworkers is wearing one when they are doing the job.

Or you have to be like the euro style, that you wear a suit to show respect to the other party in a job interview... to never wear it again on your job.  ::)
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Re: How NOT to pass a job interview

Putting the 'suit required' in the job description sounds a tad....childish? Not the word I'm thinking of, but you know.

And I think the job requirements shouldn't really include dress code, since every environment is different, and they might just copy/paste from another posting, or whatever.

I think, if you know it's a professional type place (not a mom'n'pop shop) then you need to either figure out what their dress code is (just ask during a phone screen, if you're going in for a meatspace interview), or just dress to the Nines, and work from there.

I personally don't own a full suit, but I have the pieces of one; slacks/khakis, dress shirts, shoes, and a suit jacket. But it's not tailored to me or anything, just a Wal*Mart special assemblage. And that seemed to work out for the one interview I've worn it to.

Of course, if you should show up in a full suit, and everyone's just wearing jeans and t-shirt/polo, then you can talk about it during the interview, make a comment about 'being overdressed' or something. Interviewers tend to like someone likable and can make/take a joke, at least in my experience.



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Re: How NOT to pass a job interview

hayabusa wrote:Late to this thread, but I'll reiterate the same thing I said on the old thread about interviews...  My biggest pet peeve, when interviewing someone, is when they more or less lie, or expect me to believe they understand something that they don't.

I'd much prefer they answer that they don't know, but understand who to ask, or how to find the answers they need.  I tend to ask VERY specific questions, that I certainly already have answers to, so I know when someone tries to BS.

Also late to this thread, but then again first post.

I completely agree with this whole post in regards to BSing your way through an interview. We hired on a guy that nailed the interview, and we let him go less than a month later. Turns out he was amazing at BSing people but had no clue what he was doing otherwise.

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