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NSA Cyber Careers

During this Labor Day Holiday Weekend, I just thought I'd share a good place to look for work:

The National Security Agency has a complex mission: to gather foreign intelligence and to defend U.S. government information systems.  Communications have evolved from the past.  Today, the IT infrastructure is digital from start to finish.  America's national security information depends on technology as never before.

That's why NSA employs a wide variety of cyber professionals: to help protect and defend U.S. government IT systems, and to help exploit the intelligence of adversaries.

As our use of technologies grows exponentially, so do our country's vulnerabilities.  Our national security depends on the stability and reliability of our communications infrastructure.  The cyber threat to IT and national security systems has never been greater.

In fact, with the increased number of cyber events around the world, it’s more important now than ever to stay a step ahead of our cyber adversaries.

At NSA, knowing cyberspace matters. As a cyber professional, you will become a part of a tradition of excellence, poised to lead the nation in the protection of our country’s national interests in cyberspace for years to come.

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