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HackAdemy – Open Knowledge – eLearning Platform

Hi everybody,

My name is Marius Corici and I started HackAdemy. To find out why I started HackAdemy project and what is  all about, you can read this article.

I'll try to be short as I can.  :)

If you already read that article, you know we're looking for teachers/instructors willing to spread their knowledge and Ethical Hacker Network I think is the best place where to look for.

Who is qualified to become teacher/instructor for HackAdemy?

Basically anyone can make a request but we aim for those experienced ones.

  • People who already do this or have done it in the past.
  • Highly experienced certified ethical hackers.
  • Specialized companies in security training and provide ethical hacking certifications can keep introductory courses.

What's in it for you as a teacher/instructor?

  • At this time, there will be no money. If you look for a well paid job being teacher/instructor, HackAdemy is not the place. At least not now at its inception. Later on, will be possible from sponsors. Remember our goal at HackAdemy is not to transform it into business. It is a free, Open Knowledge eLearning platform specialized in InfoSec courses.
  • Personal branding. If you want to teach others and you are good at, then you will have full classes and all your students will follow you. Become a name in InfoSec industry and/or improve your personal brand if already are a name. This can and for sure will help you.
  • Become more popular in online InfoSec industry. For sure will help you especially if you run a blog have social network accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn etc).
  • This is the opportunity for you when you want to improve or prove your instructor/teacher skills (suppose you have started a new job as an instructor/teacher at a training company.
What's in it for a InfoSec training company?

 Suppose you are a company that provide security training and security certificates for ethical hackers. As a company who offer paid training you have to get as many candidates as you can to teach them about security. HackAdemy is a place where those companies can look for candidates.

Companies can have their own class room where they can present free introductory courses and more, they can give good advices about the way how to better secure different products (web applications, web frameworks or servers etc.). By giving for free good advices and lessons, people can choose to follow paid courses in order to get a world wide security certificate.

It’s time to give those best practices courses in a well-organized place. And yes there will be competition if more companies will come and provide such courses like “How to better: secure your production server” or courses like “How to configure a WAF” or “How to better configure your firewall using iptables”. That competition will show how good their trainees/teachers are, how creative and engaging are etc. Competition is good.

Other companies who can use our platform among those training companies is companies and organization that develop open source security applications. From a marketing point of view, this is a win ticket. As a company or organization shows to users that are close to them, ready to help them teach them and advise them.

Who do we target as students?

  • Students from CS faculties that find interesting courses about InfoSec. We all know that practice kills you not the theory.
  • People how are in love with hacking, wants to find out more, and who knows they will start to deepen.
  • System administrators – to improve their security skills; both defensive and offensive security.
  • Web application developers – to find out how to avoid vulnerabilities in what they build.
  • Anyone who wants to become ethical hacker.


The internet grows faster than the World’s capacity to provide well trained system administrators as well as well-trained coders/programmers regarding security matters. There is a widening gap between and somebody has to patch it or at least to try. This is HackAdemy's goal.

L.E. At this time there are over 250 registered users on HackAdemy and over 1860 on Hack a Server who are willing to learn.

Thank you Don for your support, thank you all for reading this.


P.S. Sorry for my English. ;-)
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