Solution for Multiple Vendor RPC portmapper Access Restriction Bypass



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Solution for Multiple Vendor RPC portmapper Access Restriction Bypass

In most of the windows 2003 storage server reported vuln for
Multiple Vendor RPC portmapper Access Restriction Bypass by Nessus and recommended solutions is
"Apply the relevant patch from the referenced documents for EMC Legato
Networker and IBM Informix Dynamic Server.  If a different application
is being used, contact the vendor for a fix."
Unable to understand the fix....

Does RPC port mapper 111 is used by Storage ...?
looking for disabling the port thru registry if any...?

kindly suggest


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Re: Solution for Multiple Vendor RPC portmapper Access Restriction Bypass

Not quite following your first paragraph (I think wording was a little fuzzy in the first sentence, but I think you're saying your 2003 storage servers are all reporting this), but port 111 generally shouldn't be available to the internet.  Why not just restrict it at the firewall (in Windows firewall, at least)?  I'd like to 'assume' that it's not open to the internet, but if it is, I'd suggest blocking it.

For reference, a quick Google search (third response in search for "port 111 windows") would've yielded this thread:

http://windowssecrets.com/forums/showth ... 11-problem


"Port 111 is used by the port mapper service. This is a service, normally used in commercial client-server scenarios, that allows an inquiring service to determine what software has been mapped to various ports so that they can communicate. Typically it is used to allow network hosts to communicate with resources available on a server.

Calls to port 111 are not accessible from the internet unless your firewall allows them. It would be dangerous to do so and your firewall should not be setup to forward port 111 unless you know what you are doing."
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