Stealing wireless password with fake AP




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Stealing wireless password with fake AP

Hi everyone;

I have a question, and hope you can help

ESSID of my real AP is test
BSSID of my real AP: 1F:X:X:X:X:X
Password of my real AP: 12345678 (WPA2)

I have created a fake AP with ESSID test and BSSID 1F:X:X:X:X:X

  1. From my netbook, i first connected to my real AP and i can capture
  4-way handshake.
  2. Then i shut down real AP
  3. Then i open fake AP
  4. My netbook connected to fake AP.

However i can not capture 4-way handshake ? I really wonder why ? My fake
AP is same as real AP. So my netbook should send password to my fake AP ?

Shortly, i'm trying to steal passwords with fake APs and i can not do it.



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Re: Stealing wireless password with fake AP

Have you configured your fake AP with the WPA2 key? The client doesn't send the password in clear-text, so you're not going to capture any more than you would by capturing the four-way handshake with the legitimate AP.

The purpose of this type of setup would be to get the client to associate with your fake AP and then capture unencrypted network traffic, not obtain the WPA2 key.
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Re: Stealing wireless password with fake AP

u may get the  password's hash with it so its not useful try to do some other practices for example try to crack wpa2 with brute force and so on
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Re: Stealing wireless password with fake AP

There is also a pretty cool script written by g0tmi1k called fakeap that might be worth looking into...
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