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FIRST Conference 2013

FIRST Conference 2013
June 16 - 21, 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Incident Response: Sharing to Win

We live in a digital era punctuated by security incidents affecting every letter in the "CIA" of computer security. Every day, there seems to be some news about sensitive data published somewhere on the internet, critical systems compromised, unavailability of services affecting millions of users and economic activities or vendor reports highlighting the increasing numbers of internet users affected by cyber crimes. To a certain extent, there are no signs of security incidents slowing down.

On the other hand, we also see people responsible for ensuring security–law enforcement agencies, security teams, vendors–tirelessly working together through new initiatives and responding faster to prevent and mitigate security risks. The question however is, are we doing it right? Or to some, what else can be done?

So join us in Bangkok for the 25th Annual FIRST Conference to learn from security practitioners on how they are collaborating and sharing threat intelligence to tackle security incidents. Learn valuable lessons from their successes or mistakes. Additionally, take this opportunity to bask in the cultural experience and heritage presented by the 'City of Angels'.


Conrad Hilton Hotel Bangkok
87 Wireless Road, Phatumwan
Bangkok, 10330
Telephone: +66 2 690 9999

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