Malware Analysis: Rootkits



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Malware Analysis: Rootkits

A message was posted on the CISSP forum mailing list.  The videos are interesting from a basic understanding of Rootkits (specifically hackerdefender). 

Corey Nachreiner and I (both CISSPs) have created another pair of videos
for our "Malware Analysis" series.
These are supposed to go exclusively to LiveSecurity subscribers, but we
like to share them freely with the CISSP group.

In Part 1, we used a weaponized rootkit, Hacker Defender, to explain
about rootkits in general, and to show how a hacker configures a rootkit
and what it hides.
Running time, about 13 minutes.

In Part 2, we explain what "hooking" is and show how a rootkit can use
inline function hooking to create a backdoor.
Running time, about 9 minutes.

No remediation steps are offered in these videos, but you still might
find them useful in training other members of your staff. If you find
them helpful, feel free to download and use them. As ever, we'd love to
know what you think of them.

They are "unlisted" on Google Video, so you can find them only with
these URLs:

Part 1:

Part 2:

This is our gift to fellow CISSPs; please use discretion in sharing the

D. Scott Pinzon, CISSP, NSA-IAM


Post Sat Dec 09, 2006 8:21 am

Re: Malware Analysis: Rootkits

It’s amazing to me all the online security training available today.  I am an old school hacker and remember the days when all you needed was a linux box, a hotel room registered to John Smith and you knew how to Telnet, LOL! Hey, not that I ever did that!  There is really no excuse today for an admin to not know at least basic hacker concepts.

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