Getting Experience?


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Getting Experience?

It's nearly the summer holidays and I want to try and get a job to get some experience, since experience seems to be valued more than certifications.

I've tried looking at different job sites, but they either want specialists or permanent positions.

How can I find a temporary job just to get a bit of experience in the it field?

I've also found an exam centre close to me where I can take the CCNA exam, would it be worth studying for this qualification? I want to eventually become a pentester but I will need to work my way up first, would that be a good starting point?



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Re: Getting Experience?

Best thing to do might be to look into interest groups in your area (whether they be IT-security or just general IT-related,) and start networking there.  You can also check in with local schools, to see if they are aware of any co-op positions, or even places where you can volunteer, just to get your foot in the door.  I found that I had to give some 'free' time, at a couple of points in the past, to work my way into certain positions.

As far as starting points, if you're freshly getting into IT, CCNA and other baseline certs are good.   It's definitely a plus to get yourself some networking background, understand protocols (like TCP/IP) and routing, and get fundamentals under your belt.  Without them, a straight move into security / pentesting isn't impossible, but can be harder, if you don't really understand those areas.

Edited - Sorry, just referenced your older posts, and see you're from the UK.  So I had to edit this paragraph a bit, from my original reply.  Some folks here at might be able to help point you to some opportunities, although I don't personally keep a list of those in the UK.  So hopefully, one or more of them will see this post and chime in, as well.
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Re: Getting Experience?

Biggest advice I could give is to look for internships.  Even if they are unpaid.  Don't be too proud to put in some free labor if it boosts your CV/Resume.

I second the advice to get involved in any networking groups you can.  Schools usually have groups you can join, and I'm sure there are some organizations that meet in your area that you could become a part of.

Getting your foot in the door is always about networking and getting yourself out there.  Talk with your professors about helping you out with some internships.
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