How to best enumerate defined IP range?




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How to best enumerate defined IP range?

How it is possible (if this is the case) to find all outward-facing IP addresses associated with one organization?

I want to route all my traffic through a VPN (Ipredator).  I plan to use ufw under Ubuntu.

I have e-mailed Ipredator but they have not responded as yet and I understand that their customer service is not the best.

My impression is that IPREDator are served by ViaEuropa Routingregistry (viaeuropa.net).  Their CIDR is

However, there are IPs in this range which do not resolve to Ipredator.

For example: domain name pointer anon-137-1.relakks.com

Is there a professional way of removing such IPs or would it just be easier to just use (based on as the only IP addresses to which I am permitted to connect?

I guess another way to ask this question is: what are the tools you would use to define the specific IP addresses to target?



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Re: How to best enumerate defined IP range?

Well keep in mind, they may have that range but they may restrict what their VPN users can see.  They may have other items on that range such as web servers, mail servers etc...  They may have those IPs locked down so trying to scan them may yield unsuccessful results.  ALSO, scanning them may violate their TOS.  Also typically when you are connected over a VPN, the tunnel is between your source IP and the remote destination IP, which will then route you into your remote network.  So anything other services on that public IP range, may not even be able to interact with you VPN.  So then why would you care about what else is on their range?
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