sending attachment via sendmail with from address/name, subject and message




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sending attachment via sendmail with from address/name, subject and message

Hey guys, so I have been doing some reading and finally decided to come here because I am still having no luck... So I have found a way to send an attachment via sendmail but without adding a subject, from address/name, nor the message itself using this command:

uuencode filename | sendmail -fSender<senderemail@mail.com> cristi.tane@xnet.ro

However, as I said I would like to be able to add from, from name, etc, so I also found this bash script that does not work for me:

http://www.unix.com/faq-submission-queu ... ments.html

I just closed my VM for backtrack but the ONLY error I get says that it cannot find the command grep =/ while I am able to do grep outside of the script...

Finally, I also heard of a tool called MIME-tools that has everything built into it and I managed to install that successfully - but I have no idea how to use it nor can find anything readily available on google... can someone help me please? thank you! :)


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Re: sending attachment via sendmail with from address/name, subject and message

Don't take this personal, but I think with a bit more searching you would've found an answered. After a couple of minutes skimming through 10-20 pages with this Google Query: "sendmail" attachment

I found the following:

How about using mutt?

mutt -a attachment -s "this is the subject" user@emailaddress.com < fileWITHdetail
echo "this is the detail" | mutt -a attachment -s this is the subject" user@emailaddress.com < /dev/null

-a <file> attach a file to the message
-b <address> specify a blind carbon-copy (BCC) address
-c <address> specify a carbon-copy (CC) address
-e <command> specify a command to be executed after initialization
-f <file> specify which mailbox to read
-F <file> specify an alternate muttrc file
-H <file> specify a draft file to read header from
-i <file> specify a file which Mutt should include in the reply
-m <type> specify a default mailbox type
-n causes Mutt not to read the system Muttrc
-p recall a postponed message
-R open mailbox in read-only mode
-s <subj> specify a subject (must be in quotes if it has spaces)
-v show version and compile-time definitions
-x simulate the mailx send mode
-y select a mailbox specified in your `mailboxes' list
-z exit immediately if there are no messages in the mailbox
-Z open the first folder with new message, exit immediately if none
-h this help message

You can use mailx (which uses the Sendmail executable) command:

mailx -s "Subject Line" user@somewhere < /name/of/text_file

http://www.unix.com/solaris/23835-attac ... dmail.html

Also see this: http://www.unix.com/shell-programming-s ... ments.html

And this: http://www.unix.com/shell-programming-scripting/58448-sendmail-attachment.html

Keep in mind that when you use premade bash scripts, make sure to edit e.g., variables that needs to be set by you.
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