Post Sat Nov 25, 2006 2:03 am

Quest for The Silent Computer

I'm probably a little too anal when it comes to researching topics before starting a new project. Such was the case when I recently put together a new Core2Duo system. Along the way, I found some great articles on creating a silent computer system. Thought you might it interesting.

Most articles dealt with making a computer as quiet as possible such as How to Silence a Computer and Building a Silent Media PC. Others deal with award-winning design concepts.

But for the Piece de Resistance, The Ionic System Cooler went all out to make a true, working 0dBA system. Here is an update to the above article, The Ion Cooler 2.0. Now that's some cool stuff.

To continue researching on your own, how about a site dedicated to Building a Silent PC? Or, for quiet product info, try the Silent PC Review.

Happy modding,