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London Jobs

I am looking for a job in London I would ideally like to join a big company as junior security consultant. However I also need to build skills in networking so any jobs that would relate to networking or helping me build my skills I am more than interested in.



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Re: London Jobs

I don't remember the actual companies I've talked with in England last year, but there are quite a few that takes in junior security consultants, where some of them has medium to low requirements on current skill-set.

I suggest you start using LinkedIn if you aren't already, and that you contact a recruiter from one of the bigger companies that recruits to e.g., infosec jobs, that's how I had 5 interviews in a month or so, where I got to the last and final phase quite quick.

Most of these companies will assign you a mentor and help you develop your skills too, so go for it, England is a great country for Junior Pentesters compared to the rest of Europe  ;D
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