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USAF chooses CPTS over CEH

Interesting news from the US Air Force... they not only choose to support Mile2's CPTS and CPTE, but they in turn denounce CEH. Read the following, and feel free to add your comments.


Oct 14 2005 - Today Mile2 was awarded a contract to deliver CPTS & CPTE as dedicated classes for I.T. Staff at a major US Air Force Base. The statement of work included the following quote:

"These courses cannot be substituted with a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) curriculum."

From US Air Force Statement of Work 05T0273 Published 09/14/2005 inviting public bids for Penetration Testing Training. Awarded to Mile2 10/14/2005.

One prospective respondent to the solicitation asked the following question on Sept 28 2005:

Q: " Why doesn't Wright-Patterson AFB want a CEH-certified curriculum?"

USAF's response was as follows:

A: "CEH-certified courses tend to focus on teaching the student how to use a
handful of tools that are available on the internet. While this knowledge is
somewhat useful during a penetration test, our goal is to expand on this and
learn how to turn our results into a professional report. Most of our students
know how to use these tools, but need to learn the methodology behind a full
penetration test. This methodology could include identifing protection
opportunities, justifing testing activities and optimizing security controls to
reduce business risk."

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