WIFI WPS brute forace attack Faster than cracking WPA/WPA2



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Re: WIFI WPS brute forace attack Faster than cracking WPA/WPA2

JTD121 wrote:My router is WPS-incapable, being that it runs Tomato; most Linksys-based WRT routers do not implement WPS in any way, shape, or form, so that vulnerability is right out the window for those of us running alternative firmware on Linksys gear.

I was confused by your post at first because I have a WRT160N v2 which is vulnerable and isn't (last time I checked) compatible with DD-WRT or Tomato. Then I realized that you were referring to DD-WRT.

To clarify, any Linksys/Cisco router that is capable of running DD-WRT or Tomato is not vulnerable to Reaver because these firmware versions do not support WPS. It's the open-source firmware (DD-WRT/Tomato), not the stock firmware that comes with the router, that is safe. 

http://www6.nohold.net/Cisco2/ukp.aspx? ... leid=25154
It's been a while since I checked the above link - hasn't changed much since the beginning of the year. Clearly Linksys/Cisco is saying "SOL" to most of the owners on that list with older hardware. I'll likely never buy a Cisco/Linksys router again because of this.


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Re: WIFI WPS brute forace attack Faster than cracking WPA/WPA2

Hm...re-reading that part of my post you quoted, I realize I wasn't being 100% clear.....

But yeah, Linksys/Cisco WiFi routers that are running DD-WRT/Tomato don't run WPS code at all.

Yeah, my next router (when I get the monies) is going to be the Asus RT-N66U :) I am not sure if I want to run the stock firmware (which I believe is DD-WRT or Tomato-based) or flash it to Tomato (I've been done with DD-WRT for quite some time now).

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