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Ethical Hacker/Cyber Security/Forensics

Senior eDiscovery Consultant have focused their skill sets displaying mastery in the eDiscovery field. This builds on the core Senior Forensic Consulting capabilities with additional expertise in project planning/management, collections, culling and producing deliverables in matters of eDiscovery. They must be able to work with up and down stream vender partners to be successful. It is critical that the skill set includes understanding current eDiscovery trends and best practices to ensure the success for the end client. Providing mentorship, review and auditing in support of PSD field offices and clients are required functions of this position.

Essential Functions:

Equipment setup
Provide collection, culling and deliverable strategies
Resolve Client’s internal department conflicts for needed information
Identify risk areas and provide a proper solution
Tracking sheets
Managing difficult connection times
SharePoint and other document storage systems
Mapped network shares
Multiple host operating systems
Filtering Criteria
Identification of desired data
Condition creation
Subject creation
Advance keywords
Utilizing GREP
Testing and validation
Data reduction methods
De-Duplication options
Knowledge of best method for client success
Data sub-setting
Testing subject for accuracy
Validating database Integrity
Manual collections (LEF and Imaging)
Deliverable format and structures

Overcoming hardware issues
Solution for remote users with connection issues
Re-collection methods
Working with programmers on code issues
Client Management
Ability to resolve poor assumptions
Using correct communication style that is effective
Honest and accurate reporting
Managing expectations
Project Management
Provide status updates
Accurate account for all data sets
Creating deliverables in professional structure
Ability to provide flexible strategies
Provide detailed reports depicting the overall services provided

Essential Requirements:

Senior Forensic Consultant, Professional Services, with above average performance reviews and proven track record of management ability
EnCE certification required; other formal computer training is also highly desirable
Lead EnCase Enterprise implementer certified
Lead EnCase eDiscovery Suite implementer certified
eDiscovery Suite collection and project management certified
Proven eDiscovery lead consulting large eDiscovery matters from start to finish with little to no assistance needed to ensure success
Demonstrated the ability to troubleshoot EnCase Enterprise core product and the eDiscovery Suite
Displayed mastery of the internal workings of the eDiscovery Suite
Advance abilities to work within client hardware and software setups
Provide mentoring to other consultants in the field of eDiscovery
Assist with client relations issues by providing a positive solution to their needs
Seamlessly address the assigned tasks per the regional office(s) and the vertical program
Ability to provide expert client consulting on various methods to met the clients needs
Incident Response first-responder trained
Advanced technical knowledge in computer hardware and software technology

Minimum one year experience as an eDiscovery lead/cyber security/forensics
An in-depth knowledge of the Company’s products
Strong knowledge of IT security and network administration concepts
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Excellent organizational and project management skills
Best case scenario; someone who has done ediscovery (or FTK, clearwell, concordus, summation, autonomy) for a competitor of ours with customer facing activity and had

Cyber security – our tool or instant response tools, someone who has  dealt with network intrusions, or ethical hackers; ours is setting up defense side (remediation and instant response)

Desired Skills:

University level degree in business or other related subject

Up to 70% travel. Work from home or go into lab (locaed in Rosemeont, IL) on ther days.

If interested, please apply: ... 0526334C53